Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aint that bout a B****

What it is Bloggers and Blogette's! I'm not sure how late i am with this but it doesn't make it any less buh buh buh buh buh BULLSHIT! According to Concrete Loop Estelle's label, wants her to change her look. They want her to loose her {SUPER COOL} haircut and they want to fix her teeth. Estelle is not feeling that shit, and is like you want me to change who i am not just how i look. Just for the record Estelle's hair is Awesome and her smile is pretty. I think everybody in this situation would feel the same way. You love who you are and GRIND to get where you want to be without compromising who you are, then some MOFO's tell you "WE NOT FEELING YOU!" What type of BS is that, tsk tsk tsk shame on them and i hope Estelle comes out on top!
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Estelle - Wait A Minute

GO BABY *wHoOp-wHoOp* GO BABY *wHoOp-wHoOp* GO BABY *wHoOp-wHoOp*

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