Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GREAT is what life is.

More and more recently I'm realizing that my life is getting on the right track. I'm still at Kiser learning new things and stuffing my face, but i have another internship with the Brand Krow Hill and the boutique About Time . What makes this one different from Kiser is the amount of things i learn. With About Time, i get to learn the business aspect, running a shop, contacting new brands to get them in the shop, reaching out to stores to get Krow Hill in there, taking care of customers, and my personal goal to be a friendly boutique. If you ever went to a RUDE ASS BOUTIQUE you know what i mean (FUCKING POSERS). Now with Krow Hill, the owner has his own printing machine and lots of experience with having his own brand (damn near 11 years). The other day i got to see the screen printing process, which... was... AWESOME! ! ! Plus i get lots of advice on what steps to take when me and my bro put together our brand. It's weird I'm waaaaaaaaaay more happier now working and not making money then when i was, when i was getting a check. The only thing i stress about now, is how to find money to buy clothes and boots, lol. God is working on that though, THANK YUH JESUS. I read somewhere that "if you love something, do it for free, for a while. If after you still love it, then that's what you're suppose to be doing." It didn't word for word say that, but that's what it is for the most part. I LOVE WHAT I'M DOING! and i don't think that the workforce will see me anytime soon, YAHHHHH! Maybe i can get those wrist/neck/back-hand tattoos now *GRIN*

If you do wanna swing buy and say wasup it's

About Time Boutique
736A Franklin Ave. (Between Park and Sterling)
Brooklyn. NY. 11238tel:
Monday-Friday (2pm-10pm)
Saturdays (12pm-10pm)
Sundays (12pm-8pm)

Check out:
and see whats all the BUZZZZZ about!

-When you start doing what you want to do, what's the first thing you'll do?

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