Monday, May 12, 2008

Atlantic City

Last weekend i went to Atlantic City, my cousin does a yearly trip. It was $30 for the ticket and you get back $23 when you get to the casino, not bad at all. I'm not much of a gambler, i mess with the slots and call it a day. So after winning and losing $5 me and my friends left, we thought our money would be better spent on FOOD and SHOPPING. Since the last time i went, they built this really sexy mall, that partially hangs over the ocean. The architecture is ON POINT, water fountain shows, views of the ocean, colored glass barriers, you actually feel happy while in the mall. They had a lot of high-end stores and some of your mall staples. The apple store was sexy, almost all the employees had Tatt's :). I put my blog up on three mac book airs and felt like KING OF THE WORLD! Then the guy kindly removed it from every screen :).

I did the same thing with 2 I-Touches, which are very Friggin Sexy,
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and i didn't know when you turn the phone sideways the screen rotates automatically...

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A young'n checking out the blog for the first time
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Think he's reading about Chinatown
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After that we got some grub (semi $) and went to the outlets.
Before we left i got some nice jeans from the Levis store.

Levis 520 Slouch Skinny, Straight in the leg
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Space in the CROTCH!
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I should do commercials.

At H&M i got a red windbreaker, with a wood grain-ish pattern. Before the spring is out i gotta get the Yellow & white windbreaker i saw, now that was sexy.
Shortly after we walked back to the bus while eating funnel cake, trying not to drop powdered sugar on ourselves, and avoiding the ravenous seagulls (*errrrrr*).

It was a fun trip with family & friends, and was made even better by not spilling Salt Fish & Bake, Peas & Rice, Fried Chicken, or PEPPER SAUCE on myself while sharing out food, on a moving bus :)))))

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