Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Feel a change coming...

Lately I've been feeling a storm slowly brewing inside me. At first i was only smelling the rain on the wind, now I'm standing on the peer as it draws near to shore {that is me}. I feel that the storm represents a new chapter or change in my life.

-A new level of growth
-A few steps closer to becoming the me i want to be.

For the most part it's good, but with this change, I'm doubting love will be joining me or that i will have time for her.
I'm just starting my career in fashion (I'm not a designer but I'm going to have my own brand, with my brother Mario), everyday I'm learning something new, I'm happier than I've ever been, I'm not stressed, and I'm comfortable as well as confident telling people where I'm headed in life. It feels really good and I'm more appreciative of life but something that I've always believed in, isn't looking like it fits in with this new plan.

What that is, is love. . . or relationships.

I've always felt strong about having a girl, someone to talk to, chill with, cuddle on, indulge in each others nerd-dom, and someone to have HOT HOT SEX with :).
I realized the other day that i have a lot more to understand about myself, more growing to do and when in a relationship you grow as a team.
Parts of yourself still grow but nothing beats growing with yourself.

The road ahead is looking like a lot of hard work, less boot, and minimal sleep filled nights. Tasting real Bittersweet right now, but like a cry baby, I'll get to sweet center.

Gonna Miss you love, if your not here.


Sexxy Luv said...


my 2cents on your situation, I say things will be alright you can't have every thing you dream of you have to choose what is right, right now and what is not, if you put your passion for fashion (bratz) aside you wouldn't be happy with love, so let your career take off and on that journey you will find the best love there is to have, you will get that 2fer someone who loves fashion like you and some one who love U!

chao,SeXxy Luv

aLwAySz said...


You make a good point, and i agree with you BUT i'm just saying it's gonna be lonely LMAO.

Thank You.

ms. lissa mars said...

the right someone will come along, wash up on that shore line and you'l be surprised at how much you will have in common and the things that you dont will hold the relationship together because it will keep it exciting and there will always be the ups and downs as with any relationship but it will be worth it and as they say its better to have love and lost than to have not loved at all ;-)

aLwAySz said...

I like the way you said "the things that you dont will hold the relationship together because it will keep it exciting". I never thought of it like that, thank you. Sometimes i don't know if it's better to have loved... LOL. It hurts but its worth it in the end...... I GUESS LMAO.

ms. lissa mars said...

yes it does hurt but like you said its bittersweet

aLwAySz said...

I'll learn to savor the taste, :)