Sunday, June 22, 2008


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Since march i was feeling like "aint nothing gonna pop-off here".

I started interning in November, since then I've gotten hired, learned sooooooooooo many new things, met soooo many great damn people (Santi, Meeks, Sheweta, Wande, David, Kerri, Mike, Rob, and Charlestina), gone to a shitload of places, and grown a great friggin deal as well.

I'm thankful for all those experiences and all the FREE FOOD, lmao.

But it was time for me to go.
The plan was to leave after inventory got straightened out, i wasn't doing my best and i started not caring. When your at work hoping to get fired, its a sign you shouldn't be there, lol.

If you know me you know i HATE MEDIOCRITY! With a passion!
If I'm gonna do something I'ma do my damn best, your word is everything.
I do my best and if i can't i don't fuck with it.

I'm happy.
Although i was wondering "How did i let it get to this point?"
Between About Time, Kiser, Life, and being the BEST DAMN BLOGGER in the galaxy! LMAO
I didn't have time think.
I didn't want About Time to share the same fate so i sat and THANK (yeah i know).

What i came up with was that


Meaning i don't want to work hard for anybody else but myself.
In the time i spend grinding it out for other people i could be making my dreams a reality and I'd be alot happier while doing it.

Life isn't meant to be lived Unhappy.
I don't know what life is but i do know what life isn't.


So what am i gonna do with this shiny new free time you ask?

All i can say for now is that

It's gonna get alot colder around here but you won't need a coat.

*I quit on a real short notice, wish it was smoother but hey, such is life*

A few weeks back i asked Kiser to write this.
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LMAO i know i know ima DORK


1234 said...

1) wow, never thought i'd see the day
2) thanks for including me in the namedropping; wasn't expecting to see that at all.
3) good luck with everything

aLwAySz said...

No problem and thank you for the luck.

You know, its not like i hate you.

I think we just don't understand each other.