Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello Darkness

I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FUCKING ANGRY RIGHT NOW!

my father

I hope i don't see you anytime soon.
If i do I'ma fucking beat the shit out of you.
I'm just keep hitting you until my hands go numb.

Give me a reason why you didn't care?

Why i only saw you annually, when it was back to school?

Why are you a spineless sack of shit?

Why were you abusive to my brother?

Why were you abusive to my mother?

I'm tired of pretending to not hate you, i do.

I fucking hate your guts.

The only time i want to see you right now is on your death bed.

Whats fucked up is that i don't even know you, yet i feel so strongly about you.

I try to see the good in everybody which makes it hard to comprehend, your total lack of concern.

I wonder if you treat my little brother better? If over the years you've developed a heart.

I want to ask my mother about you but im afraid that we might have shit in common, and im so angry right now, that if we did I might not like myself, when i look in the mirror.

In my head I'm trying my best to be strong and forgive, but i can't.

And the hurt and anger that you've caused, is starting to grow bigger.

The darkness within, I'm finished with running from it.



I'm scared that I'll let it consume me..

Maybe i should let it...

If your gonna leave a comment on this post DON'T write any "keep your head up" type shit.
I've heard enough of that CRAP!

The way i feel now has took years to evolve to this point.
So i ain't forgiving that Nigga no time soon.

Don't say that he's a jerk either, i already know that shit.

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