Monday, July 14, 2008


"Said I'ma Ass Man"

If you watched wrestling then you'll understand the title. If you like booty you'll appreciate this post, either way sit back and enjoy.

Artist: Pharrell

Song: Angel

Album: In My Mind

Time of Quote: The Begining, lmao

"She's Got An Ass like a loaf of bread.
You want a slice"

I swear to you, i never rarely listen past that first line.
Pharrell is a funny ass guy.The coolest thing about his music is that, it's for the Misfits.
Especially the N*E*R*D stuff, if i had this during high school it would've been easier.

Angel - Pharrell

None the less i made it and we hear now :)

Shout Out to all the my Geeks, Nerds, and Misfits!

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Ms.Bodysosick said...

she's the type you take her home to mama, but she dont want your bread homie ya better think twice, since i can take the heat im gonna be her butter!!!! SHES AN ANGEL!!!