Sunday, August 3, 2008

Train Spotting

It's cool that the Train, Subway, and Subway Billboards are a medium for art.
Makes me wanna go out there and make some shit or take some shit lol.

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WTF is this about, It's funny as Hell though.
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FU Rubik Cube
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Ms.lissaMars said...

ok so 1. idk what that kanye one was about but i was on the bus near my house and im like wtf is this a joke lol i ddint knwo what the heck was going on(i think i may call that number) 2. i love the outdoors too, when you just look at it you realize how nice it really is 3. off blog topic you have inspired me to get a pokemon themed sleeve (i think not completely sure yet) 4. you rock!!!!

aLwAySz said...

1.Thats the saaaame thing i was thinking, it's probably for the Glow in The Dark Tour, which I SAW LAST NIGHT! Pics soon.
2.Outside is popping! Speaking of which your leaving soon *YAY*
You excited?
3. I want a totodile tattoo, you know i was thinking about a cartoon character sleeve. Just madd characters.
Great Minds...
4.Thank You. When you got great people like YOU, it's hard not too.

ms. lissa mars said...

lol 1. i wish i was at the glow int he dark tour :-( i know you had tons of fun though cant wait to see the pics 2. im mad hype to be leaving soon, this week cant go by fast enough!!!!! 3. i love totodile he so cute, you know im about to go ot gamestop and get a gameboy advanced (mad old new school) and cop that pokemon yellow, red and blue im hype have some games to play on the plane 4. youre welcome WE ROCK MOTHER F'RRRRSSSS

aLwAySz said...

1. next time lupe is performing we going.
2. i can't wait to see them scantly-clad vaca pics. *whew booty*
3. Totodile's my favorite, he replaced squirtle. I iike how he dances when there's no music (sound like someone you know?)
4.Yes yes we do