Saturday, September 6, 2008


Hey there boys and girls,

Shit's -i.e. Life- has been soooooooooooooooo busy & crazy. Just had a birthday (Tuesday to be exact) and it was really shitty, with a capital DIARRHEA :-%.


I'm sure without y'all i woulda been under that train instead of on it :)

So many thoughts have been running through my head, over and over, and over, and crashing into my skull.
Sapping all my Chakra, I've really been feeling out of sync with the Universe.

My computers been on the SUPER-FRITZ so i haven't been blogging, and I had lost the "Eye of the Blogger"

This weekend though should be much better, many a thing on this agenda:

  • Write out some of these thoughts, so i can have more ENERGY, for important things like WUTLESSNESS, lmao.

  • Do my monthly budget, so i can know exactly when these New Tatt's will arrive.

  • Get a at least 2 new pairs of jeans. Real talk all my current jeans have been pissing me DA FUCK OFF! Must be getting fat cause them hoes is TIGHT, lmFao.

  • Go to the movies or get drunk, I'm leaning more towards the cheaper of the two. Plus i don't feel like taking that train ride home "Frass Out"

  • Build this "Gundam Seed" Model Kit. If you doubted my geekdom prepare to be silenced. I Ain't New to this, I'm True to This!

Once my head clears there's gonna be a lot more content on my blog, I'm going to make it more interactive for you guys. A sexy new layout and just more sexy freshness.

Stay tuned it's gonna be good.


poison.ivy said...

i love tattoos, there soo many do you have now?

anyway...this is my first time the appropriate thing to say is a whats good and i'll be back.

hope you update to read some more

aLwAySz said...

Hello Ms. Ivy and welcome to my blog.

I have 7 thus far, and approaching them double digits soon :).
How many do you have?

New updates will be here soon, but how did u find out about my blog?

Thank you none the less and hope you become a steady reader.

Ms.Lissa Mars said...

YYAAAYYYYEEE more tatts... i was just htinking about my next tatt, i feel like such a loser its been so long since the last time i got tatted up i need something new... was looking at dragons for my back piece and thinking about some other extreme tatt (we wont say where lol but im sure its painful) anywho idk your computer has to get it together over there i miss reading ya blogs darnit ok time to go.... oh and on the up&up i think i found a new boo!!!!!! idk yet... ok now im just leaving a long ass comment so im gonna quit lol

Amy said...

Hey. This is gonna sound rather funny but I knew someone named Karim once. Hmm...

*staying tuned*

-- Simone
[a.k.a Amy Rose]

aLwAySz said...

Hey There Ms. Rose and welcome to my blog.

Do we know each other, and how'd you find out about my blog?

Thanks for the namelink, your blog looks oh-so official, and once i disect it somemore i'll do the same.

PS: Knuckles & Shadow are my ninjas.

Amy said...

Did you go to Five Towns College for a little bit?

aLwAySz said...

Lol, NOPE!
Thats a different Rim.
Five towns college? Do you live in Queens/Far Rock?

PS: How'd you find out about my blog?