Sunday, October 26, 2008

Could You be Love

Where to start. . .

I like this girl.
I'm not gonna go into her many amazing qualities, my lazy ass don't got the strength for it now :)
What i will say is that I'm enjoying letting love's seed grow.
  • I'm thinking about her everyday
  • When i hear Chris Brown, her face comes into view
  • and the next time i see her I'ma HUG THE SHIT OUT OF HER!
But this post isn't about the Gushy part of Love, it's about the scary side.

I've never been cheated on before (thankfully) but i do know the frustrations of FLIMSY ASS GIRLS & Relationships that don't pan out.
These "Learned Lessons" have been a constant source of aggravation and have made me a little cynical as well as weary.

Right now i'm happy but paranoid;
  • What if this doesn't pan out?
  • What if I'm not on her level?
  • Can i look past my insecurities and let her be the strong woman she is?
If it doesn't work out, i'll get over it. . . . but i'll be sad.

I want us to work :)


Ms. Lissa Mars said...

LMAO @ flemsy ass girls hahahahahahahahahahaha
im happy for ya, btw is it the chick in ya profile pic on the space? and i still dont know what poh is!!!! lmao HELP ME!

aLwAySz said...

Not FLMESY Flimsy, lol they just don't be of good quality.

Yeah thats her on the myspace pic, she's awesome and a lil Superwoman.
But things have been changed and there's some one new.

Come on i wrote it back on your page, it's POH from Kung Fu Panda ! ! !

I can't SKADOOSH you don't remember.

Ms. Lissa Mars said...

I GOT IT I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! im so ashamed i didnt get that one :-(((((((((( but dang, how things change so fast, you'll find the one, im still searching too, wishing that i've found the one smh............ life can be so sucky sometimes!!!! but on the upside OBAMA IS PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Hotstuff right there he sexy lol

aLwAySz said...

And right you should be *Tsk *Tsk, lol.

I don't want to go into it on blogger, but i will say it has evolved more than changed.

As of now life is the Opposite of suck.
Obama is a BADDD MAMAJ-AMMA i wanna be smooth like him.