Saturday, October 18, 2008


If you look closely you can see the drool hanging off his lip
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A.M. said...

so you're finally back like after ten yrs. I missed u and so did my blog. Who is this guy? We have a lot in common. I'm always taking random ass pics of people hehe.

aLwAySz said...

It was only 9 years come on your over-reacting, lol. My blog missed you too ;)
As for that Dude i don't know who the eff that was but he was GONE!

We do have stuff in common, it's cool. On that next trip to NY you should make Me one of your "go-to's"
Or i could jump on that Chinatown bus lmao.

Ms. Lissa Mars said...

HAHA one day you just might catch me.. i be done lmao... oh and pleeeease help me with my blog... tank you lol

aLwAySz said...

oh yes, as soon as i see you leaning the camera's gonna be ready.

There's a pic of me on here DONE!