Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So Many things So Few Posts

It's been a while since my last post, between the last and now soooooooooooooooooo
many things have happened, and i haven't been in the zone to write.

But i'll sum things up as best as i can:

1. Me & Mario are getting closer to our T-shirt brand.
- We've been working on it for a while now, 3+ years and we just made a MAJOR
step in progress.
I only recently accepted that the only way to be successful, is to WORK HARD!
I got to put them hours in
I gotta be on my GRIZZLY, like a bear!
End of the Day it's:

"Don't be afraid to work hard the only thing you'll loose is sleep"

2. I'm appreciating NOT rushing into SEX.
Contrary to my persona or peoples perception of me, I'm

I'm surprised my right arm doesn't look like I'm juicing!

But i digress, it's feels really good to take time and learn about a person.
I figure the better the foundation i build, the better we'll be when that
Beautiful Demon, called SEX comes around.

I call it a Beautiful Demon, because yeah it's nice and FUCKING AWESOME (when done right)
but it's really BIGGER & MORE SERIOUS than it's made/perceived to be.

I found that when intimacy is introduced to early, it's like running when your only learning
to crawl.

So no more early Patta-Cake (lmfao, if you know what that means)

Well that's it for now, but i'll be back with more pics, more music posts, and


A.M. said...

oh man Patta Cake LMFAO. u seriously make me wanna go to Guyana. LOL

it's wonderful nto to rush. I agree with everything u wrote.

& yea, u betta WORK bitch LOL...it's the only way u'll ever get n e thing done.

Happy thanksgiving :)

aLwAySz said...


Glad i could re-fresh yuh skunt lmao.

But your right ima work that shit like i got a Louis Vouiton Monkey Bitch!
(Old Inside blog post joke)

Happy Gobble Gobble to you too!