Friday, November 28, 2008

Why I Love Music

I Gotta Taste For U,Now Wat U Wanna Do
Gurl U Cold Let Me Suck Out Ur Flu
Gurl U Cold, Gurl U Cool, U Heard Of Salt N Peppa Well Gurl U Food
Gurl U Hot Like A Bowl Of Hot Stew
And I Just Stood Over My Stew And Just Blew
And When Theres No More Of U In Da Soup,I Remove Ma Spoon And Drink Ur Juice

U Wanna Do me, Do wat U Wanna Do &
If her job is to blow U Could Bet She Blew
Mic Check 1,2
Hows About 1,2
P-L-A-Y Becuz I Dont Have A Clue
But,Wen I Find Out, Ima show & Tell U
Wen I Lift Ma Top Lip, I Culd Still Smell U
Wen I Swallow Ma Spit, I Culd Still Taste U
Put Dat Pussy In Ma Face Every Time I Face U

It Goes P-U-S-S-Y Because Its Da Reason I Am Alive, Mama I Need It To Stay Alive Its Like I Gotta Eat It Just To Survive, Hi, Im Da Pussy Monsta, Da Pussy Monsta,Da Pussy Monsta,Da Pussy Monsta, Gurl U Gotta Feed Me ,Pussy ,Pussy Pussy,Pussy Pussy,Pussy, Pussy

Now Let Me Get Back To Her
She Called Me Dracula, And I Vacuumed Her
Cat Fish, Cat Fish, Dat Cat Tuna
I Smacked It Up and Flip It Like A Spachula
Lil Chris Said Runnit and I Tackled Ya
Baby Can I B The Worm In Ya Apple Butt
Now Gone Back It Up, And If U Back it Up
I'll Suck The Front Of Dat Pussy From Da Back of Ya
& Ima Urban Legend Like A Black Acura
My Taste Buds Set On A Black Actchuruss
ACTION Da Camaras Is Lookin, And I Hope She Make Me Eat Ma Word Cuz Ma Word Is...Pussy,Pussy ,Pussy Pussy,Pussy Pussy,Pussy, Pussy Because, Im Da Pussy Monsta, Da Pussy Monsta,Da Pussy Monsta,Da Pussy Monsta,

I Got Pussy Comin to Me, Pussy Comin to Me, Pussy
Show Me Dat Pussy, Ima Sho U Where To Put It
U No I Make It Rain, Im Da Hurricane Son
And I Can Make It Rain Wit Ma Hurricane Tounge , Like Lala, Lala, Lala, Lala, Lala, La, Lala, Lala,Lala, Lala ,Lala, Lala, La, Imagine If I Did Dat Wit Ur Pearl On Ma Tongue ,HaHa

LMAO Good Times


A.M. said...


aLwAySz said...


Whats the 2nd H for?
Tell me he's not a beast though?

A.M. said...

Hard... Shaking my head hard lol.
I guess he's good just disgusting.

aLwAySz said...

Ohhhh lol.
See that guy right there, is rude.
I can only dream of being that rude.
SMHH indeed.

Ms. Lissa Mars said...

lol i love lil wayne... youve got to listen to plies you will love his delicate rudeness with the ladies lmao please grant me this one wish and listen to plies he is the best i swear

aLwAySz said...

PLIES Yuk Mouth Ass! Lol that nigga is the worst!
You know he use to be a nurse?
"Bitch let me stick yuh, check yuh tempcha" . . .