Friday, April 24, 2009

Awwww man

IT'S BEEN A MINUTE, 5 WEEKS TO BE EXACT (or according to AMALA's blog).

Well. . . .
I've been on some next shit.
& not the "I'm on some positive next shit" type shit.
I've been on "some NEGATIVE next shit"

I was so caught up with myself, what I'm going through, and TRYING (i wasn't doing) to fix my problems that i couldn't see that i was being consumed.
That i became my problem, that the pain i felt, and the pain i started to inflict on myself [by becoming the beast], was also inflicted on everything i touched.

Damn SB you've been acting like a ROYAL DOUCHEBAG!!!

I haven't given my friends enough of me and that sucks but what REALLY sucks is that
I hurt my Sade, AGAIN!

Damn SB you've fucked up, that's not cool.

I'm So Very Sorry EVERYBODY!
Sorry Family
Sorry Friends
Sorry Bloggers & Bloggees

Sorry Sade

But Just because I'm acknowledging my wrong, and saying I'm sorry, unless i change,

I'm going to fix this so it doesn't happen again.
I can't not shine and Sade can't not be in my life.

SB Out


Ms. Lissa Mars said...

aaawwww (every comment so far started with an awww) dont be fucking up!!! (im sure you knwo that) but you have to try a nd be more conscience of your actions skadoosh because from the way it sounds Sade is a great girl and i dont even know her and i'd hate to see her hurt cause i've had my fair share of emotional beatdowns lately and trust me it is not a good feeling f's with self esteem and everything,

aLwAySz said...

I had peeped the "Awwwwww Chain" lol.

Im not gonna keep Fucking Up.
Thats my boobie and my heart.

I deftly have to be more aware, lots of times im sooo into me, that i can't see shit.

Sade is more than great "She's the dream of a billion men".
All jokes aside she's WAYYY above the rest.

I'm sorry people are douchebags sometimes. It's not cool at all to fuck up somebody's self esteem.
Weather it's intentional or not.

Im deftly gonna fix me...
How else would we live FANCY

Mala Mala said...

Yeahhhh i love being shouted out in peoples blogs

and you dont KNOWWWWWWWWWw how happy I am your back. I've missed you so. lol

P.s. Your a royal douchebag [had to do it lol] ILY =D

aLwAySz said...

You know "I gotcha" Mala,
bare shout outs for you.

I missed you to.

& Thanks for calling me a douchebag, i deserved it.

Thanks You Little Booger

Ms. Lissa Mars said...

i hope we all end up living fancy... we deserve it were super cool people!!!

aLwAySz said...

if we push really hard we can get there