Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I can dream can't I

I've been on call at About Time so you know my shopping fix has been broken and at times
i feel like im going through a mild Identity Crisis, lol.
Im serious, without my normal routine (shopping, blogging, progressing) it feel's like "i don't know who i am."
Money's been pretty tight the good thing is though, that this phase of being "temporarily out of cash", will be over soon.
I've been searching for jobs but not being so picky and some are actually looking promising.

In the meantime though...
I have a Dream that one day

I'll be able to Copp what i want AS SOON AS I SEE IT!
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That no sneaker will be TOO RARE/TOO Expensive
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& Every Random Sale will include my presence!
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I snagged these images from Goliath NY, Kidrobot, & Sneakernews

-SB 2 the Skies

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