Saturday, July 18, 2009

200 POST & Mario rocking MFA on 106 & Park

Did ya'll see 106 & Park this week?
If you did you missed Mario ROCKING A MONKEY FACE APPAREL TEE!!!!!

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL, to see him rocking the shirt and doing it justice.
I was DUMB EXCITED for my babie and im OHHHHH SOOO PROUD of her.

& What better way to CELEBRATE my 200th post than with my babe! ! !
Great job babe, you keep inspiring me :-)

"Go Sa-de cuz that's my Bay-Beh, Go Sa-de cz that's my Bay-Beh"

In case you did miss 106 check it out below, and right under the vid you can peep a sneek peek of the sexy new Tank Tops.

-SB to the Skies


A.M. said...

happy 200th and did i miss something? Does your girlfriend make the tees or something? I know, i'm a dolt sometimes :/

aLwAySz said...

"Ahhh Man, Ummm.. I'd like to thank God & my Momma..."

Thank you though and yes my babe has her own t-shirt brand, called Monkey Face Apparel.
It's a really cool brand with tee's for Men & Women.
the site's down now (it's going to be revamped) but you can still check it out and get a sneak peek.