Monday, November 9, 2009

Did I Mention: Pic Version

  • I want this Sexy Banana Republic Trencoat

  • I Miss My Neice & Summer

  • Green Papaya Salads w/Shrimp is CRACK

  • I sized up in my Gauge. Now im rocking that 10MM!

  • FINALLY got to write in drying cement

  • Why was this dude so close to me???

  • Working the night shift is pretty cool :-)

  • Working a Saturday wasn't bad either

  • I want a Snuggie... ESPECIALLY for this BRICK ASS living room!

  • This cat was very friendly

-SB to the Skies!

1 comment:

Neve said...

nice blog.
chek myne out. cooment & follow. would mean alott.