Monday, November 16, 2009


In some religions there is no Heaven or Hell. They say both exist on Earth, and furthermore we have control of which land we live in.... more or less.

On Halloween I had an incident where I chose to walk away from someone looking for trouble.
I don't know what would've happened but I knew his negative energy was direcred towards me.

Walking away was the Right & Smartest thing to do but I did feel like a punk, like they got the best of me. When faced with similar situations in the past I didn't have or take the Right option.
*Once I didn't listen to my gut and ended up getting jumped*

So in essence I learned from my mistake and should no longer be doomed to repeat it, Lord Willing.

But before realising this Truth I was very Very VERY upset.
Wishing to myself that the situation was slightly different to produce a more Violent Outcome.

-"I wish Mica (my cousin) was here. I woulda FUCKED THAT IDIOT UP!"
-"If I had a Gun I woulda have shot both of them motherfuckers!"
The Soundtrack of my life was bumping 50 HARD!

Thankfully neither of those options were available, if they were it would have been very possible that I wouldn't be here writing this.

What I also learned is that until I have a physical fight or conquer my fear of confrontation it will continue to be a fear of confrontation.

I believe Heaven & Hell exist on Earth, I know I have Demons that at times make my Heaven a Hell & Angels that make my Hell a Heaven.
So with that being said the best REVENGE to give some random IDIOT who didn't hurt me is to let them go to there Heaven & Hell.
Because I'm sure if they're doing Stupid Shit to me Karma is ready & waiting to Walk All Over Them as soon as the Universe gives the cue.

-SB 2 the Skies!!!

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LittleSun said...

very poetic
"waiting for the universe to give me a cue"