Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's For the People

Wasup everybody what the deal.
Today was a good day, the sun was shinging and it wasn't BRICK outside.

This is Scruff Mc Gruff my furry alter ego.
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On thee agenda for today was getting stamps and doing ship outs.
It was a mad house in the post office, nothing but a long ass line.
Thankfully i didnt have to wait to buy stamps.

You see that Insanity behind me *sheesh*
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There was nice lady who gave me a coupon for a discount meal,
right place right time i guess, THANK YOU NICE LADY ! ! !

CHRISTMAS is the season for giving.
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I had to buy 54 stamps and the machine goes slooow, the lady
behind me was very cool about it so props to her :).

This is like Gold/Diamonds in the Post Office, that pure Colombian lol.
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After that i left the post office and didn't look back but not with out
one last pic (so maybe i did look back, u know what i mean).

This is from the back of the office smh,
You'd swear there was a club inside SMH INDEED!
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So with that out the way i had a parfait and some spicy buffalo wing pizza, YUM ! ! !
The rest of the afternoon was spent in storage getting packages ready, organizing
and counting shirts with the girl Meeks {pic coming soon she was sick 2day X) }.
I was too consumed with shirts and numbers so i didnt take any pics.

If you got a problem with it you can take it up with my boy:

Fingers Malloy
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Karrie B. said...

bubble gum oww!! luvs it! when u take pics of ppl do they look @ u strangely? i would, cuz gramps in the back didnt look 2 happy. jk!! ur blogs are so funny n cute...i always look forward 2 reading them. bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Karrie B.

aLwAySz said...

Thanks Chica you rock.