Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bah Humbugg

This year christmas didnt feel like christmas.
Somewhere between youth and young adulthood
christmas stopped being magical.
Maybe it's cuz the presents stopped coming or maybe it's cuz in
my house we don't do big celebrations or maybe it's cuz it didnt snow.
Whatever it is i was very sad yesterday, i was gonna write this then
but kinda layed in bed instead.
No funds equall's no presents so no spoiling of the Neices and Nephews
:( plus i got 2 presents which made me feel worse.
I know christmas isn't about presents & somepeople don't have any gifts
but thats something that's important to me.
Every year i'll speak to my friends and it goes like this: "what did you get?"
"Oh i got this shirt", "cool, i got this and this and this and this..."
I be feeling like crap it's not on purpose but its not easy.
In the next years im not sure if i'll keep being a grinch and not feeling
the magic but what i do know is that when i have kids *God Willing*
im gonna make sure it's not like this for them, even if i don't have the $
Im gonna make the day fun.


Charlie said...

awwww karim, you are just so sweet and guyanese.

aLwAySz said...

Thanks Charlie i do my best.
It was tough but it's mucho better.
Ima spoil my little skunts when i get them.