Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't Watch My Crotch

What a BEAUTIFUL BOMB ASS DAY yesterday was.
60 degrees in January, some might say it's a sign of
global warming but i say its GREAT!
So in the spirit of this great day i was gonna wear shorts,
but didnt want it to get brick on me in the afternoon.
Soooo i went with my
St. Louis Fitted

L&D nothing for ya shirt in Magenta

Red Moneybags sweats and

Puma RS 100's

This outfit made me feel like i was on crack LMAO.
It was bright and matched the day and how i felt PERFECTLY.
After i got off the train i helped one woman with her stroller
up the stairs and another woman with her bag down the stairs.
The woman told me "thank you" and i said "your welcome".
As i was walking away i over heard another women say
"At least there's still some gentlemen around"
That made a great morning even better,
2 karma points for me 1 faith point in the male gender.
Yesterday was my first day back at Kiser, it was good to be back.
Got to catch up with half of my intern brethren :) and
was working on more content for the kiserblog:
It's gonna be really cool and more interactive :))))))))))
Grabbed some goods from the warehouse and had some
really good subway for lunch, which consisted of
-Minestrone Soup
-6inch Honey Oat, Tuna Fish, Heavy on the Vegg's
-Fruit punch/Rasberry ice tea potion
-Double chocolate chip cookies
Yesterday was really great and im sure today will
be just as good, they say it's gonna rain today


Karrie B. said...

yesssssssss you are winning simply because ur not a loser. ur so freakin cool for what u did!! its so rare...*sigh* um...can i borrow that hat? its kinda sexy. like you. bye!!

-karrie b.

aLwAySz said...

Thank you thank you, i'd want someone to do the same to my mom or wife so why not :). Yeah you can borrow the hat but you gotta let me rock that coat, in my house, while mommy is cooking, so that it comes back smelling like curry LMAO. I've been "sexing up" my aura lately glad you noticed.

ChanLa said...

I agree with Keana....you're awesome for being a gentleman!!! But that's just in you, so I know you didn't have to try very hard :)

Urrmmm outfit goes HARD, especially the hat. I think my friends at school would like that LOL.

Keep on working hard and I know that great things are following...

aLwAySz said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Miiiiiiiiiiii CHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNY lol.
Thanks Chan you ROCK harder than stone henge X)