Monday, January 21, 2008


Hey pimps and pimpett's, it's me and im back.
It's been like 13days since my last post, sorry about that
ima work on it :).
There's was madd skunt and flimsy feelings over
my 2weeks hiatus.
Me and my friends are working on a project that
will allow us to not work for ANYONE anymore.
It's not quite ready yet to take it's first steps but
it's holding things and standing up *GRIN*.
Let's just say i got my Lois Lane on the other day,
*Yeah i said it, she's a good reporter lol*
Aside from that there was this CRAZY ASS
MOTHERFUCKER at the train station.
He thought i was making faces behind his back,
which i wasn't, i thought he was crazy so i said
"I'm sorry"-ala playing dead with a bear, he
was like "Don't tell me sorry, I don't want NOOO
Fucking Apology!"
WAS CRAAAAAZY, did i mention that? L:)L
He got on the train and left and it was cool after that,
but i was a little shaken in the aftermath
wondering if i woulda had to KILL THAT NIGGA.
I don't like confrontation but i can't let people
do things like that to me or wait for Karma (sorry Babe)
all the time. Thankfully it didn't have to come
to shankings(you can't bite crazy people), 4stops
after i had shook it off,
was calm and back to:smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiling.
Aside from learning difficult lessons in becoming
a man, *why is it so hard & immediately unfulfilling
to walk away*
I guess it's medicine:
-It usually doesn't taste good
-Takes time to kick in
-But makes you feel better in the end.
I've been confused in the heart department.
Im tryna be understanding with a person
i don't understand.
So i'm not sure if i get to be Angry
- I know she's not doing it purposely
I feel like im being pushed away, and
i don't think she wants me to follow (I think i should let her)
This makes me sad and want to be
a jaded martyr of love.......but thats not
what i really want to do.
What do i do with the
"she's beautiful",
"we'd make a great team"
"i just want to hold you"
"she could get it!"
Maybe i have some more lessons to learn.
On the end of this Hiatus i partied with
my nephews on Saturday.
We were going in, from the Russian kick dance
to throwing our AK's ova di wall, to 2 stepping.
It was good times even when my little nephew
barffed on my hoodie *EWWWWW*
Guess he can't hold his soda, curse those bubbles.
I got some more rassing up my sleeve, to
put even silly-er stuff on this HO(my blog),
just you wait.

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