Thursday, January 3, 2008


What it is everybody!
After christmas the holidays got a whole lot better.
I stopped feeling so down and hung out with my family more.
I hung out with my Neice on christmas and New Years, that
little boobie is super smart. It was alot of fun laughing, playing,
watching high school musical-which isnt as bad as i thought, and
we cooked breakfast AND made muffins, LMAO.
Then over the weekend i hung out with my nephews, when
i say they rock i mean THEY ROCK! My neice rocks too lol!
From wrestling to playing video & computer games and eating
cookies, its FUN all around. Me, my neice & nephew's we GETS IT IN ! !
I had went to church the sunday before New Years eve and it was good,
It usually is. For New Years Me, Steff, Temps, and Melsz went to a
party at a family friend's house. I went there last year also but this
year it was POPPING. Great food, liquor flowing, GREAT SOUNDS(music),
and nobody wasn't acting stush(stuck up). On the dance floor it was
problems lots of whining, "eeee heee's", jooks, and just good vibes all the
things a good party has. It was going nice till bout 5ish when a fight BRUCK OUT,
over a misunderstanding & over-reaction SMH! So we left and i got home at 6 where
after brushing my chompers i passed out Z). This week im in house and working on
some projects with the team, THANK GOD too cause i hear old man winter is


Karrie B. said...

awwwwww!!!!! i'm so glad that u had a good time! (tho u told me everything already, lol) it's more fun to read it. "jooks" bahahahahaha luvs it! ur blogs always make me laugh/smile...i bet the fight was over a chic too (usually is wherever i go)...ok im gone!

-Karrie 'Coolest Chica' B.

aLwAySz said...

Thanks for the i scracth your back you scratch mine lol. I listen to you tell me what happened after i read it you comment after you've heard it LMAO. Thats good karma.
This time it wasn't over a chic it was over some skunt. When they play Dollar Whine there's nothing to do but JOOK "eeee heee" !
Cent 5cent 10cent DOLLAR !

ChanLa said...

Staying out till 5???? You're grounded!!

aLwAySz said...

MWAH Grounded? Come in anytime roun these parts, no 40cal in sight lol.