Saturday, February 23, 2008

That Audible Hit you need. . . or is it Visual?

I haven't put up a music post Ina sec, so i'ma beef up in this one. Hope you enjoy.

Song: Gold Watch

Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Album: The Cool

Time of Quote: 2:16

"I like street fighter two, i just really hate Zangief. Only Ken and Ryu I find it hard to be Blanka"
-Lupe Fiasco

Now this is music i can relate too, cause last time i checked i love dancing but haven't killed anybody or sold any crack, lol. Not to say that's the only kinda music out there, but you've heard the radio and in a lot of the songs you can find: "Patron", "Diamond Chain", or a "Maybach". It gets old but Lupe always (that's me) keeps it new and relate able.

Song: Do the Damn Thang

Artist: Fabolous ft Young Jeezy

Album: Real Talk

Time of Quote: 3:07

"Get rid of that shit spitter, get with shit getter, sit with a hit spitter that don't bitch chitter. My style fit with her, i tell em you done went left, now you need to go right like a switch hitter. I know them tricks bitter, when I'm the six with her, so I'm in the mix with her, forty-four six glitter and I'm higher then a mother fucker but a nigga try then he gone die in this motherfucker"

Now that's that cocky rap i love! You say this in the mirror 3x and see if you don't feel great :)!
The thing about Fab is that even if you've heard the topic before, when he gets on the track he puts a new spin on it. His wordplay is also BANANAS (the speckled kind, YUCK)

Song: American Terrorist

Artist: Lupe Fiasco ft Matthew Santos

Album: Food and Liquor

Time of Quote: 1:46

"Now if a Muslim woman strapped with a bomb on a bus, with the seconds running give you the jitters, Just imagine a American based christian organization planning to poison water supplies to bring the second coming quicker! NIGGA!"
-Lupe Fiasco

That's what i love about Lupe, when he spits you learn something. But it doesn't come off in a "I'm tryna teach you something" flow but as a "you already know this stuff" vibe. He really doesn't Dumb it Down, lol.
-If you haven't heard these before get out there and GET YOU SOME!

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