Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't feel my sides.

These videos have supplied me and my friends with count-less one liners, rude ass conversations, and moments of laughter. It's the silly stuff that counts. Without further ado i present:

The Juggernaut Bitch: Special Edition

Keep an ear out for "Yuh ready, Yuh Ready, Yuh Ready Bitch?", "You can't harm me when i got on my Jamaican colors"?, "You don't Know who the FCUK i am?/ Are you a F***ing ass?","You're my hooker Now.", and "Comb your beard, i don't wanna hear that SHIT!".

UNFORGIVABLE volumes 1-4

The first thing i'll say is that these videos are COMPLETELY RUDE and EXPLICIT but i don't give a damn, they funnier than a Mugg!
Maybe being filmed in Greyscale makes it funnier or the way he laughs while tryna keep himself composed, whatever it is it's good tube.
Keep an ear out for: "Errrrrrr", "Pissing Me Off", "I wanna chicken sandwich and some WAFFLE FRIES!! FOR FREE!", "BITCH, thats just my B.O.!", "Ima have em make me sandwiches, ALL NIGHT!", and "Yuh Cunt". Just about everything from these videos is quotable. If you like it you can get Unforgivable gear at

-Sometimes life is good.

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ms. lissa mars said...

i like chick fillet waffle fries lol