Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Can you feel my pain?

Since no income is coming in (lol) I've been telling myself that "You're gonna have to miss out on some things" and resisting the urge to pull out "AMEXCALIBER" and slay the fashion game. I really want some more jeans, tattoos, trips to see my friends out of NY, and like I have to mention, SHOES. But this post isn't a wish list, it is a "Miss out list". Here are the things that i just gotta let go, you can click on em and it'll take you to their respective sites.

1. Kanye West Glow In The Dark Tour.
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Just look at the poster, you know already it's gonna be CRAZZZY! All these performers are gonna put on a great show, the energy levels will be through the roof. Since I'm not going i swear they'll be giving out free stuff! SMH. Rihanna is cool as well but she's just extra, lol. If anybody i know is going to this SNEAK ME IN YOUR COAT!!!

2. Appetite For Destruction SB Dunk Low
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This is Exactly what sex looks like, lol. The colors pop but it's not "LOOK AT ME!!!" I think they have a Hi-top blazer with the saaaaame color way so maybe there's still hope.

3. Vaider Supra
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These are pretty sexy. I just found out about the vaiders, before i only knew about the Muska Skytop's. The Toungue on the vaiders is slimmer and longer than the Skytop, so if you're going for Neck-breakability (what a word) these are the ticket and they're affordable.

4. Skate Or Die SB Dunk Low
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These are the previous dunks Dark alter ego. If you want peeps to be like DAMN! then you copp these. Good luck though cause they're Quickstrike's and you could possibly be overpriced because of the rarity and hype. None the less they sexy and i want em, just to say i have em :).

Just wait till my tax return gets here, somebody's store is getting MANHANDLED!


karrie b. said...

those dunks made my mouth water.

-karrie b.

ms. lissa mars said...

i thought i was th eonly one that called kicks sexy and drooled at the sight of a fat tongue lmao nah for real though i have a miss out list too smh the things we have to sacrafice...aaaaaaahhhh i really want to go see that glow in the dark tour damnit