Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cool Ass Day

Today was a good day, and it's still not over. I had to go to Kiser early today, 8 o'clock on the DOT. Why you ask, there was a photo shoot! I had to grab the newly printed shirts and take em to the shoot. The printer is in DUMBO, i got there about 10:40ish the shoot is at 12. I thought I'd only be getting a handful of shirts, in actuality it was 14 BOXES. DAAAMN LOL. Thankfully the printer was a really cool guy, he helped me find and bring all the stuff downstairs, and helped with the cab (i had to get a van instead of a taxi and i was short $). Now it's like 11:30 and I'm on my way back to storage, i told the photographer I'll be there Ina few. So i get to storage, unload all the boxes out the truck, load them on a cart and into the freight elevator.

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She was soooo in the way

Thankfully this didn't happen
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Once upstairs, i played Tetris
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making space for everything and then called the photographer *WHEW*. I get to the shoot at 12:30 *awwwww man*, luckily the photographer was really cool and chill. I met Raquel,
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the model for the shoot and her friend Reg, they were super chill. Now to get everything ready, COMMENCE THE STEAMING OF THE SHIRTS! Just for the record
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There's the Culprit!
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lol. The shoot was nice and i got to see some of the new designs we have for the men and women. They're looking sexy is all i can say, here's a hint:
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When you Actually See the Design you'll get it.

With the shoot done i headed back to storage, folded the shirts as well as some stragglers, and put em all away. At 3:45 i broke out and went to Chinatown-Soho, just to see what's going on but before i did that i had to get some grub. Burger King it is :)
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I'm Loving It!

Checked out some earrings (don't worry little guys I'll be back), some SUPER SEXY SB's that were totally out of my finances. Can we say BANKRUPT!

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And Kidrobot is having a warehouse sale, madd gear for CHEAP!!!! The location had a cool warehouse feel (it wasn't Ina a warehouse), 2ply wood, and foil covered walls, Uber cool. They had hoodies, shirts, and polo's out, later in the week they'll put out the hats and some more toys. You can warehouse shop online too, but don't wait or sleep cause it'll be GONE *poof*
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*Touch The Robot, Go Ahead*

Nowadays going into the city is a workout, i do resistance training.......I RESIST BUYING SHIT!


Anonymous said...

i motherfucking bet kiser has you coming in and tells my ass to stay home.
it's all good though 8)

ChanLa said...

LOL I love the freight elevator picture!! I'm glad that didn't happen either....looks like your chest would have been a goner! And ask Kiser why he didn't request me to be a model for he shoot?!?! Come on, you know I'm good for it!!! haha


ms. lissa mars said...

resistance shopping...i need to work on that one my bankrupt asssssss lmao

Assif Majid said...

Loving the BLOG!

aLwAySz said...

Thanks Assif and welcome to my blog.

I peeped 2 of your 3 blogs and they look cool.
I like the fashion one, but im not sure if i could do the "meggings"...yet LMAO.