Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Times

Yesterday was cool, the best thing about it was the weather. Sunny as hell, birds chirping, and all around good vibes. You can't really ask for more :). I went to Kiser to do the ship outs, the day before we had printing problems. Santiago printed out the labels and then i was off and doing ship outs DOLO YAYYY! This is the first time i did them all by myself, they're were at least 40 packages. I had this big ass garbage bag filled with them, stopped at one mailbox dropped off some, and made it to the post office 5mins before close *WHEW* GOOOO ME! Then i had some grub: Grilled chicken, rice, pita bread, veggies, and cream soda YUMEY! Very successful and productive day.
On Saturday Mishka (click on the name) is having a release party for their new JK5 (name click) collection. It's suppose to be a real shindigger (you like that write, lol). They're gonna have DRINKS *YUM*, MUSIC, and they're gonna be giving away shit :). Im sure lots of people are gonna be there, so it'll be a great event to network, take pics, and have fun but go early you KNOW it's gonna be UGLY at the door.

Click on the flyer for more info
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Suckadelic might be there as well. I don't know much about him, cept that he's an artist/graffiti artist but you can click on his name to learn a lil more. He also makes art models and funny videos, so he can't be that bad.

I got all this info from the Miska blog :).

If thats not your bag there's always.....
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The pic will take you straight to the site oh yeah EVERYBODY subscribe to the post so i don't have to hit ya'll up.

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