Friday, March 21, 2008


OK OK OK. Recently i got put on to ESTELLE , maybe you've heard her maybe I'm late ;) but if you've been to my myspace you've jammed to the song. It's called "American Boy" Ft Kanye. I really like her flow slash feel, she has a nice voice, and isn't bad on the eyes. Hit her up at and peep the Video:

She seems like a cool girl, from her Vlogs (video blogs). *My niece and I were doing the bump to this, LOL SMH*

mmmmmmmm Accents :)))

The video is cool and it gets MAJOR COOL POINTS for having the Milk Mans in them (i talking like they're a person, lol)

These Are one of my Holy Grails.

Lupe Fiasco has a new video for "Hip Hop Saved My Life".
The video and song is about a Hustler who puts down "the white" and picks up a mic (hey that rhymed). It shows his journey from the ground up, Lupe is a BEAST at telling stories. It's a Good video and looks really smooth. I thought he was gonna do "The Cool" though.

Last but not least what happened to Res? She came out in the early 2000's i think, any who, she had a really cool song as well as some modeling in magazines. If anybody knows what Happened or feels this song Lemme Know.



An Even Sexier Post is Soon to come, BELIEVE IT!

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Eb the Celeb said...

yeah I love estelle... check out this new joint feat. cee-lo