Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sex-Sex, Love Love Love

It's been a minute right? I thought of a new word BLOGPRESS. Blogpress is when you publish multiple blog post in one sitting. Comes from the word Bench press. My fingers are tired from all that blogpressing.
Today seems like a blogpress kinda night/morn.

Artist: Pharrell
Song: Tape You
Album: In Search Of ...
Time of Quote: 2:57

"Turn on the purple lights, begin flashing, by removing your fashion and start tongue lashing. Now girl, kiss her boobs and you kiss her boobs too, let your finger dash in, Lights Camera Action"

Rudeness like this can only come from pharrell, this reminds me of the stuff I'd say about girls, to my friends during Junior High school. Perfectly juvenile rudeness.

Artist: Mickey Factz
Song: Scarfaces
Album: In Search of the N.E.R.D.
Time of Quote: 1:40

"Big pimper! Yuh girl call the kid Mick Diggler, I hit livers the dick in her she get shivers, I make the chick clit piss rivers, SIM SIMA."
-Mickey Factz

*WHEW* Micks a beast! My broski Mario, put me on to him. He's SUPER Talented and his flow stands out effortlessly. You can download his mixtapes right chea IT'S MICKEY

Artist: Amerie
Album: Because I love It
Time of Quote: 0:20

"I wish I could taste your love, lick it off of my fingertips... Boy what you doing to me? I wish i could save your kiss, for some other girl to taste... To see expressions on her face. Whenever you are near me, there's no other place I'd rather be. Your like the star that can't be reached, so near but so far, you are. I need your arms around me. {please} Please let me be your everything. I'll be your girl for just tonight, boy don't you know you are my CRUSH"

**DISCLAIMER Just for the record amerie is my wife, and we're gonna have millions of soft-haired babies. LMAO! ** Any who, Amerie sings so beautiful and with such emotion it's ridiculous. This is the stuff I'd want my girl to say to me :)

Artist: Raheem Devaughn
Song: Energy
Album: Love Behind the Melody
Time of Quote: 0:04

"The Energy in your words is sooo innocent {so innocent}, so enticing, so inviting. {Oooooooh WA-OW}. The energy in your touch is sooo bashful, but yet so triple X rated, {Oooooh Ooo-Wee}. The energy in your kiss, leaves a bita taste of a tease but i'm so pleased, cause your delicious {Ohhhhh Oooh-Wee}. Magnetic Energy, when you add that up with me, it's obvious to see. We got a match that's made on earth girl, the next best thing to heaven girl, we got a match thats made on earth girl, the next best thing to heaven girl. You and i we got ENERGY!"
-Raheem Devaughn

This is the stuff i wanna say to and feel about my girl :)))))))

Artist: Musiq
Song: Love
Album: Aijuswanaseing
Time Of Quote: 2:00

"Many nights I've cried from the things you do, felt like i could die from the thought of losing you. I know that your real, with no doubts and no fears, and no questions"

Who HASN'T felt this way about love? I memba many a sob-filled nights, trying to understand love. I still don't fully get her but I'm learning more about her each moment.


Eb the Celeb said...

I love that crush joint.... that album ws terrible but when I first heard that joint the production really brought me back to my youth... I live it... Raheem love him... and that Musiq album was classic

aLwAySz said...

I think that album was her best. It had a different feel then her other albums but she still brought the emotion. It's my favorite lol. What exactly is "production" by the way? Errything else we seeing blog to blog.