Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stank You, Smelly Much

Today a bird pooped on my hat. Some people say it means good luck, yeah good luck i couldn't catch the bird. Any who, here we go (PS: I figd out how to add music so you can hear the qoute or open it in a new window and hear the whole song *i think* enjoy)

Song: Love Hater

Album: The Love Below

Artist: Andre 3000

Time of Quote: 0:58

"Everyone needs somebody to rub their shoulders, and scratch their dandruff and everybody need to quit acting hard and shit, before you get yo ass whooped (i slap the fuck out ya)"
-Andre 3000

This is a serious/truthful statement but done really playfully, it comes off as relate able. If more people could do this everyone would do better. Some other memorable lines are:

"I just need a Sweet Bitch" "She doesn't even have to have a big ol ass, you know. Just something well proportioned to her body, you know a nice lil tale."

Even though this album is came out a couple of years back, it fits perfect now. On the radio there's a lot more dance and fun songs compared to the bang-bang shoot em up, crack slinging, etc etc. People are also more relaxed, out to have fun, and enjoy life. The Universe wants love go out there and give some.

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karrie b. said...

he's the f*cking best yo.

-karrie b.