Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Because

Have any of you ever had a friend, who you "Liked" for the most superficial or silly reason? You know that girl/guy who had an awesome trait, that if a relationship could be sustained on that {trait} you'd be with them. If not only for a moment, lol.
Three come to mind for me:

My fellow Lupe enthusiast
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For like 2weeks we were going back and forth reciting Mr. Fiasco, on each others myspace pages. She never missed a beat and she put me on to some Lupe i never heard before. What more could you ask for? Did i mention she has Tatt's and is getting a back piece? Be still my beating heart!

My Preggers
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Mels-Gawd as i like to call her is Super Pregnant, did i ever tell you how much i love pregnant women? I think they bring out the Hunter/Protector in me. When im around her i just want to rub her feet and get her what ever weirdness she craves. We watched Juno the other day together, i was thinking "One day (hopefully FAR) my shortie is gonna be soooooooo preggers" lol. And Juno rocked! HONEST TO BLOG!

and last but certainly not Least

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When i met her she gave off a good energy, and the longer I've known her the cooler she's become. From our matching Shoe Fetishes to our love of Lupe, Pharell, and all things cool. Wandizzle's a G!

Because of all that, on a very superficial level I'd marry all these young women :)

A Starboy can dream can't he?

Maybe you call em eye candy or a crush, What ever you call em they ROCK!

Who would you run-off to a deserted island with and why?


Ms. lissa Mars said...

OMFG!!!!!! i am so on your blog!!!!!!!! you are the friggin best man....I could shed tears right now this calls for some lupe....*clears throat* "she would be my queen i could be her king together she would make me cool we would both rule forever and i would never feel pain and never be without pleasure ever again and if the rain stops and everythings dry she would cry just so i could drink the tears from her eye shed teach me how to fly even cushion my fall if my engi9nes ever stall and i plumet from the but she would keep me high and if i ever die she would commision my image to her bosom to him or maybe shed retire as well a match made in heaven set the fires in hell and i'd be the coolest nigga what" i feel so special tank ya babes and right about now youd be my choice on dat derre island lol

aLwAySz said...

AWWWWW MAN ! Making Meeeeeeeeeeeee *BLURRRSH* I had to do it i hope you liked it, and it'd be sweet debauchery on that island!

ms. lissa mars said...

lol you so silly