Sunday, August 3, 2008

Been a Long Time

Shouldn't of Left you...

Sooooo many things have been going on, here's a quick update.

1. My boy Santi doesn't work at the About Time anymore :((((((((((((((
It's super sad and it really Sucks but maybe it's for the better.

2. I now have a Full-Time position at the shop.
I have a lot more responsibility now, in the "I Quit Kiser" post i said "I don't want to be responsible for anyone else's stuff but my own." But i realized the Responsibility is fine i just don't want to let anyone down.

The Great thing about About Time is that:

It's more of a Family than a Job

  • More is expected of me but they also want to see you shine.
  • I'm learning to treat the shop like "My Own" and getting better at taking the initiative :)
  • FREEEEEEEEDOM! I get to be me and you should see my work clothes, LOL.
3. Me and some friends are working on a REALLLY cool project.
  • All i can say for now is that it's gonna be Crazy!

4. There's a special girl in my life :).

  • She's sweet, down to earth, THICK in all the right places :P, easy to talk to, and when dudes try to talk to her she SHOOTS THEM DOWN! LOL BURN!
I met her at a BBQ, she was looking Hott.
We danced a few dances, half the dudes (all of whom, her friends) were grabbing her for dances.
After we danced, the boys (i.e. The Cops) came and shut the music down!

Guess it was a good thing, we talked till everybody left, which was like 4am-ish.
After that, we went to the beach and talked, while watching the Sun come up.
It was super romantic, cold as hell (lol) but super romantic.
Once the sun came up, we went to my house and talked even more over tea.
:) Actually it was more smiling at each other than talking (:

Talking with her feels really natural, mommy likes her,
and i can communicate with her, oh yeah and i like her too!
*blush* *gay* LMAO :)

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Good Looks to the Boys, LMAO.


Ms. LissaMars said...

oooooooo who dis special girl from the BBQ did i see her!!!!!!!!!! im mad hype!!! whats her name and stuff, i know i had to see her even th ough i pulled a vanishing act towards the end of the night (sorry boo) ok i gotta go im crazy hungry....what happened there wasnt any food in your blog this time...does the BBQ count towards food? oh and when we gonna FNF up? you know what i mean holmes lol

aLwAySz said...

LOl, yeah i think you saw her. Next time we talk i'll give you the full scoop. She's madd sweet and short LMAO :) Sorry there was no Grub but did you see the THAI FOOD in the Top Right corner? *WHEW* We gotta go there!
What did you end up eating?

ms. lissa mars said...

oooo i know this hot thai restaraunt in williamsburg called sea i like they food and they cheap lol and they mojitos is popping....i think that was tuesday i put that....i think i ended up with like chinese or something no idk lol maybe a hero idk i know its almost 9am now and im hungry already i wish the chinese spot near my house was open already!!!!!!

aLwAySz said...

you gotta take me to that spot. Im not much for mojitos but im sure they got some cheap crack, lol.