Monday, January 26, 2009

Moncler DEEZ NUTS ! ! !

Moncler's are really cool but when the WHOLE HOOD has them, you gotta get some next isht!
Take a look at this INSANE ski jacket from, Meezane.

Meezan - Peak Jacket & Vest
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What makes it 10X's better than a Moncler is that you can zip off the sleeves and rock it vest style !

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I don't know if a Moncler can do this but it ROCKS. . .

Plus at $350 you can't go wrong ;)
Click the pics to copp or click below. & you can add them on the space!

Meezan's Myspace


kmx. said...

I that jacket is dopeeee!! Looking freshh misterr.

Whatcha Nameis said...

No problem, lol. I seen your blog on someone else's and I thought why not add you, your entries seem really interesting. Oh thnks, you don't have to.

- ci

A.M. said...

yea, i like Moncler a lot they have really cute femme jackets...but this one looks the same, and it's cheaper so yay!!!

aLwAySz said...

2 kmx
The jacket is the truuff (not truth) and thanks. "Gotta stay Fresh Ma"

2 Whatcha Nameis
Cool cool, welcome (again?) to my blog. Thanks for the love.

2 A.M.
The chica jackets are madd sexy, and they have madd flavors.
Super High-Fashion Shit :)
Idt ima get it since Winter is Over but maybe i'll copp and bring it out Next Winter *shudders @ thought*