Wednesday, February 11, 2009


DAMN it feels like Forever!

Sooooo many things have been going on, thankfully all positive.
For now ima give you guys the short versions, but don't fret my pets
each will have it's own post soon.

1. Remember the Mystery, "Flower, Card, Monkey" Girl? (click HERE if not)
Well her name is Sade, and she's AmotherfuckingMAZING! ! !

2. Don't remember if i told you guys but i'm the Manager & the Assistant Buyer @ About Time Boutique, click the name if your UN-familiar.

It's actually Pretty Fricking Sweet, more Responsibility but i'm rarely bored and everyday is something new.

3. I'm ready to forgive my Father.
I didn't think it'd happen so soon but it's time.

4. Me & Mario are working on a clothing line and the 1st t-shirts should be ready by summer.

We've been brainstorming, saving $, designing (very bad/crude sketches, lol), but mostly learning for over 3 years.
Now we have a better understanding of what it takes to have your own brand and be successful.

5. I'm going to be re-vamping the blog.

Making it more:
  • Interactive
  • Fun
  • Deeper
  • Just plain cooler
Stick around, the Adventure's only gonna get better.


Ms. Lissa Mars said...

ooooooo sade.....i've heard that name b4 lol now i gotta turn into super investigator and stuff, you better provide us with a pic soon!!!!!! lol anywho congrats on the happiness and forgiveness..Thumbs up for the TEAM!!!!

kmx. said...

Welcome baaaaaaaaaaack =]
I missed your extremelyyy amusing posts.

aLwAySz said...

She rocks sooooooooo HARD!
& yes pics soon will come :)

Thanks Mama,
I'm back and the amusing post shall continue, lol.