Thursday, February 19, 2009

Time to Start Selling Crack

Ozzy Osbourne Converse Hi

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Converse Sea Star "Pigeon"

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Vintage Blazer Hi Suede

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I don't have any price info but you can click the pic to find out some more info or click here:

*Just for the record selling crack isn't cool (it only LOOKS & sounds cool saying it, lmao) and is actually DANGERfuckingROUS!

ps: I've been really slacking on my posts and it's been really eating me up :-(
Don't worry i have a lot of great things to write, just bare with me.


kmx. said...

Actually, for those beauties, that's a small risk in comparison. ;)


A.M. said...

Lol silly goose. And yea, u have been but so have I. Haven't seen u round the blog in a bit...way to leave ya blog wife smh.

aLwAySz said...

2 kmx

2 A.M.
Yes Silly Goose i be.
My Hiatus soon finish.
I've been tryna focus on just my blog.
I figure the time i spend on other people's blog i could be making mine better.

So please don't take offense or feel any way.

Also ima call you my Blog Buddy/Blog Pal from here on out.

There's only room for 1 Wifey in my life.