Sunday, May 3, 2009


Life has been moving really fast, lost of things have been happening, but I haven't been doing much.
I've been down in the dumps.

You know life has hurdles, right.
Well it feels like I fell over one of life's hurdles.
My technique is no good, I've got the bruises to prove it.
I'm scared of falling down again but i know i have to get up.
To get to where i want to go, I HAVE TO GET UP!

At my job things have been getting slower and slower, now it's to the point where i am "On Call".
This really blows, but there's no one to be upset at, & some work is better than no work.
Thanks to God, my bills haven't been piling up on me.
I've been broke as shit! But no overdue bills.

The plan is to look for a new job.
Something stable, Monday thru Friday with optional weekends, a 8/9am - 4/5 pm kind of gig.
But i don't know where to look.
All i do know is what i DON'T want to do.

1. No more retail
No disrespect to all the people who work in this field or to the people who love their retail jobs.
But I've had my fill of it.
It's just not the right job for me and I'm not living up to my potential in that field.

2. I don't want to sit at a desk/screen or Stand on my feet ALL DAMN DAY!
Can we mix that shit up?!

3. I don't want to be watched over/barked on ALL FRIGGING DAY!
Don't yell at me! You don't effin know me and SHIT IS NOT SWEET!
Em-effer Why are you looking over my shoulder? The same update i gave you an hour ago is the same update i have now!
Leave me alone (lmao)

If im gonna be there for almost HALF of my day the least i could be is Happy.
I don't think that's too much to ask.
However it starts with me....
*continued in next post*

SB in Space

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