Tuesday, May 5, 2009


*Continued from "Alley" Post*

A big part of my Unhappiness are Perception & Attitude.
Two things I've been lacking MAJORLY!

My Perception is Negative often, and my Attitude follows suit.

The "Glass" looks half empty.

Viewing life as such makes EVERYTHING HARDER &
I'm always Mentally Tired.

Being Tired is one thing but to be Mentally Tired is a whole other beast, and
what a Vicious beast it is....
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So to get out of this rut and jump over this hurdle, i have to get over myself.
I have toView the Glass as half full.

I use to think "Snapping" or quickly coming out of a rut wasn't being true to the moment.
That if i "Snapped" out of it i''d be Fronting.
If all my feelings & emotions are valid I should embrace each one.
Which is true BUT it's not good to DWELL in any emotion, especially the darker ones.
Feeling sad, scared, or angry Isn't bad or negative, they're just natural emotions.
What I let these darker emotions do however, is where the Bad & Negative come in.

If I'm always:

  • Sad: I'll never be happy.
I won't get to enjoy life and before i know it I'll be a bitter, dried up, wrinkly tattooed, old fart.

  • Scared: I'll always be afraid, I'll never get shit done.
A little fear is good, it'll keep me on my toes.
But too much fear and I'll be crippled.

I don't want to lash out at anyone or smother myself with my own anger.

So from now on when something happens I'll

1. Feel It
Be sad, angry, or scared. Cry, Yell, Hide.

2. Shake it Off
Say to myself "OK, I expressed how i felt. It's no longer a big deal"

3. Get back in the Game
Dust off and go back in.
The more time i spend down, the less time i spend living.

This is my new plan and I feel really good about it.
It's gonna be A LOT of work and I'll have to constantly be on it.
But the good things are:

1. It's not as much work as i think.
2. Practice makes perfect
3. Before long it'll be like second nature

and of course you guys we'll be in the loop :)

SB to the Skies

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