Monday, September 21, 2009

Kid Robot Sample Sale Mble

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The sale was pretty cool, when I got there it was HECTIC. Clothes were EVERYWHERE but the staff was very friendy, and did not hesitate to help.
Props to them :-)

I wanted a cool fitted and maybe a tee, mario wanted the same. I also planned on getting something for Sade & my brother Quincy, who couldn't make the sale because of work.

They didn't have my size in the Skeleton Labbit fitted but the VERY SEXY heather grey, sweatpants material, "kidrobot" on the front (robot head logo on the back) turquoise under-brim fitted had KARIM alllll over it!

Plus I snagged a Black "Anarchy Eyes" Tee as well, to make for "SUPER HAPPY TIME!!!"
Lmao (I'm an ass)

The only thing that sucked was that I forgot to get something for my Neice and todays her Bday :-Z.
It's ok though bc I'll make it up to her and I'm sure she'd like going to the store and choosing what she wanted 10X's more :-D.

Adios for now mi amigozys

-SB in Space

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