Thursday, January 24, 2008

Music Moment

Don't you just love music? Its so amazing and without it life wouldn't be as FUN. There's soooooooo many different kinds and each one puts you in a different mood. Like tell me you never listend to some 50 (cent) and was ready to start some shit, act like when they play "Hot Fuck" in the club you don't get extra wutless (i know you was getting wutless before *eee hee*), or when you hear "your" love song you don't think about that special someone? With that said, ima hit ya'll with music that moves me.

Song: All Night Long

Artist: Robin Thicke ft Lil Wayne

Album: The Evolution of Robin Thicke

Time of Lyric: 1:42

"All night long I wait, to see you naked and watch the sunrise in your face."
-Robin Thicke

When i hear this i think about being in a relationship and being at that point when you just LOVE that person. When you see them they look beautiful even if they're drooling and their hair's all crazy. It paints a nice picture and i think it's Madd romantic as well as on my "To Do List".

Other memorable lyrics from this song are:
"I'm Ice cream she's hot a swirl, we could get married and live in our world" and
"All my girls wanna make that money, All my thugs wanna take that money, All night long im a milk that honey" both from Robin Thicke. The whole album is really good, it has a nice flow and it touches on different topics. He's talented, my favs are Got 2 Be Down, Everything I Can't Have, Teach U A Lesson, Wanna Love You Girl, Shooter, and All Night Long. If you don't have this album you should copp it.

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