Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yesterday at Kiser *cough* *cough* i made my first post on the kiser blog *cough* *cough*. Click on this link to check it out: GO ME! GO ME! GO ME! Needless to say i was proud. I was using a Mac i.e. electronic sex so it took a while, im not mac savvy yet :). Me and Kiser came up with the idea to showcase stores that carry kiser. So earlier this month i went to Coat of Arms, located on 43 Clinton St, just a few blocks from the Delancey St station. Unlike some stush boutiques this one was welcoming and the staff were cool. They specialize in vintage deadstock/"one of a kind" pieces. From oldschool Hats, to OG Kicks, to their sexy Starter jackets,

and they make some mean fitteds (with hidden ninja pockets).

The prices weren't insane either and when i went they had stuff on sale.

Falcon Holding NYC DOWN!

Kevin Crushing it

If your in that part of town stop by and cop that Old New York Flavor.
Don't Forget to check out the kiser blog: and leave comments telling Kiser that im the BEST BLOGGER IN THE WORLD lmao. By the next time i put up post on the kiser blog it'll have my signature at the bottom, YAYYY. Oh yeah
I had some really good Thai food yesterday, Pineapple Beef Fried Rice with Cashews. mmMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm! The latter part of today was spent in storage doing shipouts and i met the newest intern, W-i don't wanna butcher her name but she was cool. Well I gone till next time

[]-) Make it so Number One.


ChanLa said...

The Kiser blog is that hot shit!!! Keep up the good work brother!!!!!! Lurve ya!

aLwAySz said...

Thanks pal, but don't think your off the hook. I'm waiting for that next post!

SYCHO said...

and whooo helped you with electronic sex? mememe!