Friday, February 1, 2008


Awwwwwwwwww Man! This week's been CRAZY! Putting madd work in over at Kiser. The last few nights i've gotten in and didnt have anytime to blog *sheesh*. One of our OG's at Kiser left the company. On good terms though, none the less Santiago (who has been working for at Kiser for a year+, and been showing me and the interns the ropes) has left and his work is being broken up amongst us. I haven't been there the longest (Meeks) but i have a good understanding of shipouts and general procedures. So i've been doing ALOT more stuff. On tuesday it was blog work, a trip to storage to get an order ready, and then scheduling a UPS pick-up. Wednesday was shipouts, followed by learning how to do International UPS pick-ups. I think i got it, but if someone in china gets a shipment of shirts keep it on the *HUSH*, hope they don't have a blog lmao. Thursday i went straight to storage to get this order ready, that was going to Gatch in Japan (i shoulda hid in the box......*!*!SURPRISE!*!*). Then back to the office, then to Staples to make a lookbook, on the way back to the office i grabbed some Mcdonalds *YUCK* that was a waste of lunch; ima only fuck with them for dessert after this, then i had to go to the screenprinters and sort out some shirts. The dude who was spose to help me had left so i was looking through madd boxes, basically blind. I only found some of the shirts, this part sucked cause there wasn't anyone to really help me SMFH! I left there around 5:30, i had to drop something off to somebody in the city. I got to the city, where i proceeded to get lost then eventually find the place *sheesh*. Went back to Staples, picked up the lookbook, dropped it off at the office, and went home. I got home at like 9, watched scrubs and passed out *WHEEEEW*. Just for the record i'd like to say WHERE THE FUCK WERE THE INTERNS ON THURSDAY!? No offense guys but DAMN i was the only Intern yesterday. Today was raining like a bitch but it was cool cause i was off, or so i thought. Kiser called me in, i had to get some shirts and that lookbook ready for a store owner to look at. This wasn't that bad; storgae ----> the office ----> the city ----> then home. I hope this grinding pays off, having these new responsibilities isn't easy.

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ChanLa said...

Hard work will pay off, ALWAYS! Maybe not as soon as you would like, but the more good things you do for other peeps, the better your chances will be for other ppl to do good deeds for you! Luv ya!