Friday, February 1, 2008


Chris Brown and Raheem Devaughn's new albums, (Exclusive and Love Behind the Melody respectively) are FIRE. I like all the tracks on the Chris brown joint, his voice matured as well as the subject matter, with out sounding forced. CHRIS ISA BEAST ! ! The Raheem banger is hard, im biased though, track 4 "ENERGY" is my favorite song; as well as the best song in the world LMFAO. Raheem puts it down, he's holding it down for todays soul music and he is just soulful in general. NE who 2mrw Mr. Fiasco aka Lupe MOTHERFUCKING Fiasco will be at J&R music (i think signing his cd and shit (lol). Im soooooo in that BIPTCH (not a typo) and ima be in as much HYPEBEAST GEAR AS POSSIBLE, Can you say SB's?! Ima get their early but not earls so i hope i get to meet him, i know half of the wolrd gonna be there. Then i'm heading to the mall, you know why? behduh behduh behduh behdun behduh behduh beudhu (drum roll) 2mrw is AUNTIE ANNE'S 20th BIRTHDAY!! :) ! ! They gonna giving away pretezels, one plain or cinnamon sugar per customer.
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Now you know ima Fat EmEffer, mmmmmmmmm i can taste the goodness already. It's from 10am - 4pm so stop by and get ya pretzel. Click on the pic for info.
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*I'm promoting this shit like it was a party!* I hope i make it on time. After that im going to a baby shower, "I'm Gonna Rub Some Bellies, I'm Gonna Rub Some Bellies".

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