Monday, February 11, 2008

Potential Pancake Overdose?

Is it possible to OD on Pancakes? Im not sure but on saturday i was pretty damn close. I took my mom to IHOP for breakfast, IT WAS PACKED!!! Once we got a seat mommy had a vegetable crepe: eggs, broccli, onions, spiniach, and mushrooms wrapped in a crepe (like an omlette mmmmm) with cheese on top. I had the all you can eat pancake smapler: thats ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, and yummy pancakes. Mommy's food was good and the pancakes were made with crack, sprinkled with ectasy. Add a little butter, plus blueberry and strawberry syrups and you'd forget who you were, after a few bites. I was trying to eat 5 pancakes (you first get a stack of 2, follwed by a 3 stack when your finished) so i could take home a new stack BUT Que Serah Serah that didnt happen. The pancakes bodied me and i brought home half of the sampler, next time i go back that Steak Omlette has my name on it! Later that day i went with the family to my little cousins 5th birthday party, she's such a cutie and usually shy (UNDERSTATEMENT), so i was surprised when she played with me. Kudos for her :). My liitle nephew (2) was feeding himself, rather messily and when his mom offered to help, whlie shaking his head he said "Noooo, Don't Feed Meeeeeee!" It was maddddddd cute he rocks so hard *sheesh*. A little baby became my new friend, he was like 1 and kept coming around me and my brother. I was feeding him ice cream and making him laugh, such a nice munchkin. Kids rock, i hope when i have them i am SUPER FINANCIALLY STABLE and if the mother isnt my wife i hope that we're cool. Sunday i went to church *No Alleujah's Cuz it's Lent*, washed my hair and went to bed ealry. Im still not sure what to give up for lent though, i'll get back to ya'll.

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