Monday, February 4, 2008

Ahhhhhh Mi Lupeeeeee!

I don't like watching sports but i'm happy that the GIANTS WON! Looks like im not the only one
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Mishka has a BIG ASS SALE! ! ! Click on the link to go to the site. 50% off everything that they have left. It's only for today though, so SHOP SHOP SHOP (my pretties, lol) SHOP.
Well my weekend was really good! On saturday i got to meet Lupe Fiasco! ! ! YAHHHH! lol. I got to J&R music world at like 2:45, bought the CD, and jumped to the back of the line. It was almost 2blocks long, and Lupe was gonna start signing at 3. J&R had strict "Lupe's only signing The Cool" policies, some people were dissappointed lol. The line was moving smoothly but i was still freezing my toes off. After 45mins i was inside, warming up, and smiling like a little bitch LMAO! I was so happy/star struck to meet Lupe that i didnt tell him my name, lol. He was cool (like he wouldn't be) and within my 10 seconds i told him "your the man" and asked "when is your line coming out?". I couldn't think of anything else and was toooooo happy to care. The next time i see him i'll take a pic and won't be so much of a fan :).....maybe. After that i headed to the mall and hung out with my old co-workers [MELISSA ;)]. From there it was to my sister-in-laws baby shower, did i mention i love pregnant women. They're Beautiful! It was a nice shower with lots of gifts and her family/my family are the best. They are the type to make you feel welcome, if i was starving they wouldn't hesitate to give me a meal or anything for that matter. Once the music started playing the nephews and i started shutting the dance floor down! We were doing the soulja boy, crumping, pelvic thrusting, and me and my little nephew had a MEAN AIR GUITAR jam session to "party like a rockstar"! I was tired like a MUGG, it felt like i was going to pass out or throw up. I'm really gonna start running more, so some BIG BATTY girl doesnt F.I.N.I.S.H. me on the dance floor. It was soooooooooo much fun, I LOVE MY FAMILY ! ! ! Sunday was composed of lying down (after last night you know church wasn't gonna see me), watching DVR, and the very end of the super bowl GO GIANTS. Today was the same lots of rassing around on the inter-web, this weeks gonna be chock full of it. I did get this from golitah though; Click on the pic
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Goliath's clothes are NICE, the store is cool, and the staff is some of the best!
I'm thinkg about it, the last one was FRIGGIN FUN! If anyone is going let me know.

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ms. lissa mars said...

yeah i met lupe too at this record shop in liek soho or something idk where i was lol but that was when he dropped food and liqour i aint have the cd (oops) but it was only me and him in the store and all i could think to say was "yeah i've never boweled b4 either" yeah me and lupe are losers lol he autographed my transcript from school and a big ass poster he gave that dude is cool, still got it hanging in my room (groupie i know...oh well)