Monday, February 4, 2008


Don't you just love it, cussing and being wutless but all with in reason.
That being said, enjoy this;

Song: And I Love You

Artist: Rich Boy ft Pastor Troy and Big Boi

Album: Rich Boy

Lyric Time: 1:25

"And i love you baby mmmMWAH hugs and kisses. FUCK THEM NIGGAS AND FUCK THEM BITCHES!"
-Pastor Troy

This gets me every time. Once i hear it i start laughing and wondering if anyone else can hear it. It's some real RUDE ASS shit lol, it's also what i say to people in my mind who are PISSING ME OFF *errrrr*. Big boi does justice on the track as well but it's not as vulgar. When i first heard this album i thought "i can't believe i slept on this!". Rich boy has skill and puts in work on all the tracks. I think most people can realate to it, from club bangers, to hood anthems, to serious and society conscious songs. It's worth copping and deffinetly listening to.

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